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Welcome to the Diamond Valley Singers

The Story so far:

Choir Recital –Griffiths Centre on April 2nd 2017
The weather decided to give a wonderful snowstorm, which may have kept a few people home but the attendance was very appreciative. Our program covered many different types of music from Roger and Hammerstein, Shenandoah, Old time commercials and finished up the show with happy rendition of a gospel song.

As this is Canada s 150 anniversary, we sang a special piece, Song of the Land, with a lovely slide show of shots from all over Canada.
At the interval period snacks and light refreshments were served by Bonnie and provided by the Choir Members.

Our Leader Tim Kortius with the help from Louise Bruns, talented .piano player, led us through our paces. The total singing time was just over an hour, and the total time of the celebration was 2.5 hours, visiting and enjoying the audience and their positive comments
We had a small donation box and it was nice to receive $160 which will be allocated to the purchase of our music for the next season.

Our final performance will be at the High Country Lodge this coming Wednesday April 6 and we will resume our rehearsals this September.

The Diamond Valley Singers was formed in the Fall of 2015. The founding members, Marika d"Ailly and Ernestine Dumont , we met with Tim Kortius and Louise Bruns to ask for their help in forming a choir for people who had an interest in choral music but did not want to travel to the surrounding communities.

Tim Korthius, who has a love and background in choir agreed to come onboard and assist us in forming a group. Louise Bruns, who has many years experience in choirs and is very accomplished in her music career also became a huge supporter and resource for the forming of a choir. Without both of these two talented people who have taken the choir from an idea into a confident singing group would not have been possible.

First Concert

Our first concert in early December 2016 at the Griffith Centre was attended by over 60 person audience.
The Singers also performed informal concerts at both the Rising Sun and the Lodge to bring the spirit of Christmas to mature seniors in the community.

Financial Issues

The Choir has also received financial support from the Griffith Centre which has allowed us to start building our Music Library and to date we have purchased fifteen pieces which are the property of the Group and we will continue to build our resources. We do have a small fee for participants that in turn off-sets the honoraria that we pay to both Tim and Louise.

Membership & Roles

Our current enrollment is 22 members ages from the late 20's to mid 70's, this activity has given many an opportunity to meet people from not just Black Diamond and Turner Valley, but also people from Millarville, Longview and surrounding rural areas.

Our members in addition to those previously mentioned take on different chores to keep the choir viable:-
Angie Simmons- Advertising and posters -
Ann-Marie Kloiber- Secretary
Audrey Cerkvenac- Liason with the Griffiths and many other chores–
Peggy Emslie- Newsletter and maintenance of choir member lists.-
Ernestine Dumont – Treasurer
Beverley Robertson - Fund raising (with help from many others)
Suzi Kissick- Hospitality

All members put in time and effort on set up, decoration of the hall with many thanks to Andy Melnyk for his assistance.